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Lap-A-Thon Update

GUM Everywhere

Morning Practice

Night Meets 6/18 & 6/27

Team Behavior and Sportsmanship

Major Champs Announcement

Champs Requirements


HOA Elections


Lap-A-Thon looked to have been a splashing success!  Thank you to all the swimmers and volunteers who participated.  Now to start getting those pledges in!  Here are a few items of note regarding LAT:

  • LAT accounts for  roughly 20% of our total budget.
  • Swimmers received raffle tickets for laps swum yesterday.  A prize drawing will be held at the banquet for small fun prizes.  Must be present to win.
  • Top 3 fundraisers will receive a handmade Redfish ribbon display hanger!
  • Top lap swimmers boy & girl lap swimmers from each age group will receive a spirit stick!
  • Top lap swimmers must raise at least $25 to be eligible for the spirit stick award.

GUM Everywhere!!!

After last Saturday's meet, the take-down crew found chewed gum in several areas around the deck where our age group tents were set up.  We are known for leaving the MAC in better shape than we found it, but this week we did not.  We are asking that parents PLEASE DO NOT allow your children to bring and chew gum on deck.  Please emphasize with your swimmers the importance of respecting our facility as well as opposing teams' facilities when we travel.  Something like this could turn into a big problem very quickly.

Morning Practice

Morning practice begins next week.  Afternoon practice is only available with advance permission from Coach Erin.  Please see Coach Erin's Coach's Corner for details on how to request an evening practice time.  PLEASE NOTE:  Friday practice times are NOT abbreviated.

June 11th - July 6th

Summer Swim Practice Schedule

Monday - Friday
6 & Under:7:15 am - 7:50 am
7 - 8:7:50 am - 8:30 am
9 - 10:8:30 am - 9:15 am
11 - 12:9:15 am - 10:15 am
13 & Older10:15 am - 11:15 am

June 11th - July 2nd

Summer Afternoon Swim Practice Schedule

* Only with advance permission from Coach Erin

Monday - Wednesday
8 & Under:5:30 pm - 6:15 pm
9 & Up:6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Night Meets 6/18 & 6/27

Please note that because our meets on 6/18 and 6/27 are night meets, the event schedule will be non-traditional (out of order) to accommodate Stroke & Turn needs, etc. As the pool gets darker, it becomes more difficult for Stroke & Turn to judge properly.  Event order is still to be announced, but will be a collaborative effort between the Meet Director, Coach Erin, and our Stroke & Turn Lead.

Approximate start times for these meets will be 5:00-5:30.

Team Behavior & Sportsmanship

We have seen some beautiful sportsmanship this season.  I am always so proud to see our fastest swimmers waiting in the water for all competitors to finish, and I get teary every time I see our kids high five an opponent regardless of who just won.  That said, as our team continues to improve, we need to be intentional about reminding our swimmers to exercise good sportsmanship, and we must of course lead by example.

On a similar note, the board has been made aware of some bullying type behaviors within the team at certain age groups, particularly during practice while swimmers wait for their practice to begin or play for a while after their practice lets out.  Please keep an eye on your swimmers when they are playing in the water during their non-practice times.  Talk with them about being respectful of teammates and other swimmers, and in particular please stress that if someone tells them to stop a certain behavior or type of play, they should stop. 

Major Champs Announcement

The League has voted to convert this year's Champs to a one day event on Saturday only.  Ten and under will swim in the morning.  There will be an afternoon break, and the meet will resume later in the afternoon.  More details will be forthcoming as the Champs date approaches (July 7th).  

This is the proposal and rationale set forth by the League President and approved by a full league vote:  

Proposal: To run Champs 2018 as a 1 day end of season event, with 2 sessions split into a morning and late afternoon/evening session split by age. 
  1. Enables league to experience a 1-day Champs option in known, controlled venue ie. AR Redfish pool, in order to reduce variables if this is considered as an option for Champs 2019 and beyond. 
  2. Provides the league valuable experience for exploring options for 2019 Champs and beyond, in order to have additional options that may open up more options with venues willing to rent for 1-day vs. 2-days. 
  3. Enables league to experience a 1-day Champs option, while providing parents and spectators of both young and older swimmers a chance to cool off, get refreshed and come back for the 2nd part of Champs.
  4. Important NOTE: The AR pool is situated such that much of the pool has shade after 5:00PM 
  5. Provides an opportunity to explore and experience a 1-day Champs outdoor option while avoiding the extreme heat of mid-day, and making it an endurance test for spectators, volunteers and parents. 

Champs Requirements

At this point in the season, we should all be looking ahead to Champs.  Please make note of the League Requirements for Champs:

  • A swimmer must have a current season meet time in each of his entered events. There shall be no “NT” (no time) allowed in the end-of-season Champs meet(s) entries). To be entered into a championship 25m event all swimmers, regardless of age, must be under the time standard of 1:00 for meters or: 55 for yards. 
  •  Swimmers 7 and older must swim two season meets and at least 2 individual events of any stroke, in each of those meets to be eligible to swim the postseason Champs Meet. Swimmers 6 and under must swim in at least one individual event in each of at least two meets to be eligible for the post-season Champs Meet. A DQ in any event will count toward this requirement.


Just a quick note about the awards banquet.  This is always a special night, and we hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend.  The Banquet will be Thursday evening, July 12.  Times, ticket sales, and other details will be sent out as the end of the season approaches. 

HOA Elections

As many of you know, there are three HOA Board positions up for election at the end of the summer.  Community minded residents who would like serve are encouraged to consider running.  It is critical to the health of our team that the HOA Board continues to see the value of our program as well as other programs that encourage community and connectedness.

Here is what went out a few weeks ago to residents regarding the elections:

Dear Avery Ranch Homeowner:

It’s that time again! In September 2018 we will be electing three (3) Directors. The annual meeting date has been set for Monday, September 10, 2018 and will be held the Avery Ranch Golf Club. Please see attached Nomination Form and Questionnaire. Please return ASAP, but no later than June 30, 2018 if you are interested in serving on the board.

Please note to find all minutes, financial reports, forms and all other important HOA documents please visit the Resident Portal at www.ciranet.com/residentportal for 24/7 access.

Please check out Avery Ranch Owners Associations Official Facebook page!

Avery Ranch Owner's Association Facebook Page

Please contact GrandManors if you have any additional questions at AVERYR@ciramail.com or 855-947-2636.

Thank you.

Jodie Walker

On Behalf of Avery Ranch Owners Association Board of Directors 

Upcoming Dates

  • June 9:  No Meet
  • June 11: First Day of Morning Practices
  • June 16:  Meet @Twisters
  • June 18:  Gators' Meet @Avery (Monday Night)
  • June 23: No Meet
  • June 27: Orcas' Meet @Avery (Wednesday Night)
  • July 5*: Champs Pep-Rally
  • July 7: NAAL Championship Meet @Avery 
  • July 12: Team Banquet and Awards Ceremony

*Times TBD


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