February Newsletter!!

Contained in this Newsletter

  • Returning Family Registration
  • New Swimmer Information
  • Tryout Requirements
  • Pool Update
  • *ATTENTION FRESHMAN* (and all high school swimmers)
  • Merchandise!! 
  • March Senior Event (11 Up)
  • Upcoming Dates

Returning Family Registration

Returning family registration is scheduled for February 24-March 2!!! (hahaha.... Did you think we sent the link early? ) Families that swam in 2018 will receive a registration link Sunday, February 24th. The link will remain open through Saturday, March 2nd. Please keep in mind:

  • Registration Window: Returning Family Priority only extends through the Returning Family Registration dates. If a family does not register during the Returning Family Registration window, they are not guaranteed a spot on the team. If you are unsure about your family's availability for the season, we encourage you to register during the window, and if it is necessary to withdraw from the team prior to the start of practice, you will be issued a refund.
  • Residents & Owners: To participate in Redfish, families must be Avery Ranch residents or homeowners. This does not include Pearson Place, Northwoods, The Commons, Davis Springs, or any part of the Brushy Creek development area.
  • New Sibling Swimmers: If you have a new sibling swimmer that would like to participate in Redfish for the first time this year, you may register them during the Returning Family Registration Window. All new swimmers must still try out. If a new sibling swimmer does not pass tryouts, a refund will be issued.
  • Volunteers:
    • Volunteer slots are filled on a first come first served basis via the registration link.
    • Volunteer role descriptions can be found HERE.
    • Each family is expected to fill one volunteer slot per swimmer up to two swimmers.
    • Tent parent positions (which serve both AM and PM shifts) are considered 2 volunteer slots.
      • A family with two or more swimmers who have one parent volunteer as a Tent Parent will have their volunteer commitment covered.
      • However to ensure sufficient volunteer coverage, tent parent families with multiple swimmers may be called upon to cover some Backup Floater shifts.
      • Backup Floaters will only asked to serve if all other registered Floaters have been exhausted and volunteers are still needed for a particular meet.
    • Please contact Joe Gardner with any volunteer questions.

New Swimmer/Sibling Information

New Siblings from Returning Families who pass tryouts have automatic placement on the team. Our number of available slots for New Swimmers (New Families) is calculated with all registered Returning Family New Siblings already accounted for. If a Returning Family New Sibling does not pass the tryout, an additional slot for a New Family New Swimmer is opened, and the Returning Family will be issued a full refund for the sibling.

Tryout Requirements

  • 6 & Under: Must complete one length of the pool in 2 minutes or under.
  • 7 & Up: Must complete one length of the pool in 1:30 or under.

Pool Update

You may have heard that the HOA is planning to resurface the MAC pool this spring. We have been assured that this should not impact our season. Work on the pool is scheduled to begin no later than mid-March and should take no more than three weeks. The HOA has agreed to reevaluate if this timeframe cannot be met.

*ATTENTION FRESHMAN* (and all highschool swimmers)

Coach Kate is taking applications for Junior Coaches. The Junior Coaching program is designed to teach leadership skills and cultivate mentoring relationships between our older and younger swimmers.

Junior Coaches do not need extensive swim experience and do not need prior coaching or teaching experience. The Junior Coaches will partner with our paid coaching staff to learn leadership skills, model good sportsmanship, encourage all swimmers at practice and at meets, and of course help run practices. Our paid Coaches will ensure that the Junior Coaches have the tools they need to grow, learn, and be successful on the pool deck!

Junior Coaching hours are flexible, and Coach Kate will work with them to identify how much time and commitment is best for each person. Junior Coaches are not paid but do receive a modest discount on registration fees. They also receive a free coach's shirt with their name and a small gift at the end of the season.

We encourage all eligible swimmers to apply to be Junior Coaches. It is a great way to contribute to the team and to enrich your own Redfish experience. If you are interested, please see attachment application. Applications are due March 1.

March Senior Event (11 Up)

We will be rock climbing at Main Event for our March Senior Swimmer event!  This will take place after New Family Registration, so hopefully there will be new friends to be made!  

  • Main Event
  • March 30
  • 2:00-4:00

*Parents must sign a waiver.

Spirit Gear!!!

Renee has been putting together a fantastic selection of gear for the 2019 season!  Check out the custom Redfish towels, hats, and other great gear!!  You can order anytime in the Redfish Store or as part of your registration next week.  Keep these order deadlines in mind:

  •  March 27th -- personalized towels
  • April 20th -- personalized team swim caps

**Please note, the team cap has been changed slightly this year.  Any team cap from previous years is still acceptable.

Upcoming Dates

  • February 24-March 2 - Returning Family Registration!!!
  • March 24 - New Swimmer Tryouts
  • March 26 - Swimsuit Fitting
  • April 3 - Swimsuit Fitting
  • *April 27 - Kickoff Celebration
  • April 29 - First day of practice
  • June 3 - First Day of Morning Practice
  • *Please note the date for the Kickoff Celebration has changed.  It previously overlapped with the neighborhood Festival of Colors.

    **Meet dates can be found on the team website.

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